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“Thank you so much for being a fantastic therapist, you really have made a huge difference to my life and I know I wouldn't be where I am now if I hadn't plucked up the courage to come and see you. You've given me a massive security net over the past number of months, and the care you have also given towards me outside of therapy in moments of crisis has just been outstanding. I'm sure you will go on to help so many more people through difficult times so keep up the amazing work you do.”


“I first came to see Nicki when I was going through a really tough time in my life. She was very careful to set the pace according to my needs as I really wasn’t coping. Nicki helped me to see that I was stuck in some negative behavioural patterns, gradually with her support I began to make small changes that have made a really big difference in my life.”


“After a very painful loss, I felt I couldn’t talk to friends anymore as they were expecting me to start moving on. Talking to a counsellor was so much easier.”

"Thank you never seems enough to show how eternally grateful we are for all your hard work. You are a truly talented therapist and we would not still be together without your help. Offering us our extra session today was above and beyond duty, we are extremely grateful.


"I wanted to say how much I appreciate all the work we have done over the past 18 months. I am pleased with the level of self awareness, self esteem and ego strength I now have. You have been a really important 'figure' in my life during this time and I want to thank you for all the effort you put in, even when I was being a frustrating client. I will feel eternally grateful to you for the part you have played in my self development."

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